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Abundance – what do you make of it, literally? There is a lot of misinformation about Abundance, wealth creation, having it all, etc. And yet Abundance is the birthright of all. The information out there, eg The Secret DVD, ‘Abraham’ Hicks among many others, needs to be put into a larger context of your personal being. Through our journaling course you become aware of how your particular life journey has been configured to allow or hinder Abundance. Through the Meditations we provide, you clear the way for accepting the flow of the energy of Abundance. All along the way, learn to integrate the Sacred Qualities that support the claim of your natural Inheritance.

Carla  van Raay

Carla van Raay

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Carla van Raay is an inspired and inspirational author, a mentor for the spiritual seeker, and a speaker with one purpose only: to wake up everyone on her path to their intrinsic beauty, innocence and lovableness. You are reading this, and so you are on the path, meeting Carla here, and you are very welcome. There is so much for you to discover and enjoy!

Carla was born into the dark Catholicism of the south of Holland in 1938. Children then were not to be kissed until after baptism – the belief in evil was strong, and even babies were ‘children of the devil’ until accepted into the Church by a priest. The fear of God and sin did not stop people acting in evil ways. Carla was sexually abused since before the age of three until the age of 12, and suffered emotional, mental and physical abuse as if it was normal. She was primed for convent life as a nun by age 18 and submitted to the strict rules that totally suppressed her natural exuberance for life and her ability to think for herself.

That changed with the introduction of humanisation of nuns since Vatican II in the ‘sixties, when Carla soon found out that she was the only one willing to change, and left the convent at the age of 30. Four years later she opted to become a prostitute, to explore a long-denied sexuality.

Those life experiences were harrowing and dangerous, yet they were all designed to prepare Carla for her current work. She understands the psychology of abuse and of prostitution, and the spirituality that is required for healing to the core of one’s being. Click here to visit Carla's website.

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